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The Gym North Harrow – Sunil Fitness with a personal trainer near me, is always dedicated to teach a better style. We make sure that every member here get what they aimed for. 

Build your body in weight and strength at Sunil Fitness. it has a personal trainer who is qualified. His professionalism will bring your goal to realisation. 

The Gym in North Harrow Personal triner
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gym north harrow work out

The perfect kick-start for the new comers. Get access to one session for 40 Euros at Sunilpt Fitness.

gym north harrow workouts

You can save more by starting your gym workout at Sunilpt Fitness and build the body you desire.

gym north harrow for gtm workout

Save even more by starting your gym workout at Sunilpt Fitness with our personal trainer.

The Gym specialises in Gym Workout and Physical exercises plan. Having a fitness instructor with level 2 expertise and level 3 personal training profession, is the place to be. Core training includes:



dumbell gym workout in North Harrow Gym

Calf raise leg work out, Lower back development, biceps development, Chest work out and Shoulder development work out in Sunil Fitness Gym.


Barbell Workout with a Personal Trainer

Chest, Shoulder and bicep development workout to build muscular arms and shoulders. Also, build your lats in North Harrow Gym with a personal trainer.

Weights & Bars

Weights and Bars Gym Workout Plan

Find a perfect gym instructor at Sunil Fitness Gym who will help you in chest dips, lats, rhomboids, traps, rear delts, biceps and shoulders.


Chin up in the North Harrow gym

Chip-up is a strength training exercise in North Harrow Gym for the upper body. It build muscle blocks and strength and most importantly, biceps.

Front Raise

Front raise gym workout harrow

A fitness workout that mainly focuses on the shoulders not forgetting the upper body weight and strength training exercises.


Cable raise in Gym North Harrow

Workout program that gets the girls chasing at you as the arm muscles bulge out symmetrically and well curved from their genesis to give a perfect look.

Small progress is also a progress

No matter how small is your progress, it is always a progress. Start your gym life from today.



benches exercise plan in the gym north harrow

If you want to workout the triceps muscles, bench press strength training and upper body fitness workout should be your workout plan. 

Hip Thruster

Hip thruster exercise plan in the Gym in North Harrow

It’s a basic glute exercise that should be in your exercise plan. The gym in North Harrow, provides facilities to build hips muscle fibres.

Goblet Squats

Increase the strength of your legs by working out your lower body. Our gym instructor at North Harrow Gym will guide you.

Single Leg Curl

Leg Curl with a gym instructor

Strong legs are rare unless you engage in fitness program at North Harrow Gym. Engage in lower body weight lifting for leg workout.

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