Why Use the Barbell Bench Press For Your Chest Workouts?

Why Use the Barbell Bench Press For Your Chest Workouts?

Are you looking forward to building a more robust and powerful upper body? Well, be sure to fit the barbell bench press in your exercise plan. This equipment will help you develop your chest, deltoids, shoulders, and triceps as it will strongly build your muscle size and body strength. To work with this equipment, you need to lie flat on the bench, enabling enhanced muscle stability and the ability to lift a massive size of weight, resulting in more significant muscle development.

If you are targeting to build your strength, power and increase body size, come to the gym north harrow, and have a fitness instructor take you through the whole exercise with the barbell bench press. Exercising with the barbell bench press is not a monumental task. All you need to do is lie on your back on the bench. Get hold of a barbell with an overhand grip wider than shoulder-width apart and hold it above your chest with your arms entirely extended. This position is the commencing position. 

Proceed by lowering the bar down in a controlled movement. Ensure you position your elbows tucked in close to your body in a way your upper arms make a 45-degree angle to your body in the downwards position. Pause, proceed pressing the bar in a straight line throughout to the commencing position. 

You do not need to stress yourself entirely since a fitness instructor will guide you all the way and ensure that you are in line with your exercise plan. Having the barbell bench press in your fitness program will ensure that you achieve your fitness goals regarding chest workouts. The gym north harrow is dedicated to providing that you make your fitness program fun, reliable, and futile.

I am more than honored to take you through the whole exercise plan involving the barbell bench press with my exemplary fitness program. I will also extensively educate you about the barbell bench press’s dos and don’ts, for example.

  • Do ensure your back is arched.
  • Do tuck your elbows at a 45-degree angle and keep them flat.
  • Do keep your knuckles up all through the entire lift.
  • Do focus on the bar all through the movement to make sure you are continually benching the same spot on your chest and towards the ceiling.
  • Do not flare up your elbows out 90 degrees. Ensure they are tucked.
  • Do not let your upper back, feet, or glutes lose contact with the bench.
  • Do not move the bar towards your collarbone or throat. Instead, move it towards your mid-chest.

As your dedicated fitness instructor, I will ensure that we go according to your exercise plan in harmony with my fitness program. Come to the gym north harrow and realize your fitness goals with me by your side on that journey. Confidently, the gym north harrow has special equipment inclusive of the barbell bench press, that goes hand in hand with your fitness program.

Why Use the Barbell Bench Press For Your Chest Workouts?

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