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For many years BentOver Dumbbell Personal Trainer lateral raise has been a common fitness workout that targets the upper body and especially the back muscles.

BentOver Dumbbell Personal Trainer is a typical weight lifting and strength training exercise. A dumbbell is a piece of gym equipment that is made up of a small rod with weights on its ends. It is mainly used in pairs for bodybuilding and strength training exercises. The BentOver Dumbbell Personal Trainer majorly focuses on the upper body using dumbbells but you can also get creative and use equipment at home that may act as weights for the fitness workout.

 The strength training exercise is referred to as a compound workout as it involves working out multiple muscles in the upper body at the same time. The fitness workout builds and strengthens the muscles at the upper back, chest and arms. Whether you are doing the BentOver Dumbbell Personal Trainer for the health benefits or great body shape or you are an athlete/ sports person, I highly recommend that you continue, and if you are not doing it, I highly suggest that you include it in your exercise plan as it bears a lot of good fruits. 

If you are looking for a place that has an amazing fitness workout that also includes chest and back enhancements, Gym North Harrow is the place to be. The North Harrow Gym I offer an amazing fitness program that also includes the bent-over dumbbell lateral raise. For the starters in the strength training exercise and weight lifting exercises, I highly advocate you start with my gym instructors for better guidance in the fitness workout and also safety purposes. At the North Harrow Gym, your safety while handling gym equipment and during your fitness workout is very vital. My gym instructors and personal trainers are always available and ready to be of aid if needed. As your personal trainer, I will help and guide you through steps to be followed to perform a perfect form of BentOver Dumbbell Personal Trainer and also the dos and don’ts while carrying out this strength training exercise

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Benefits of BentOver Dumbbell with a Personal Trainer

The North Harrow Gym is fully equipped with essential gym equipment and also professional gym instructors and gym trainers thus you will have a smooth and comfortable experience during your journey of fitness workout. A common belief is that the bent-over dumbbell lateral raise is bad for your back and may cause chest problems but on the contrary it the fitness workout that is very beneficial to your body. Here are just but some of the benefits of BentOver Dumbbell Personal Trainer:

  • Build the posterior deltoids 
  • Through the fitness workout, the shoulder muscles get strengthened
  • Builds the muscles around the chest and the whole back.
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The doors of the North Harrow gym are always open for you. The gym is very time friendly to accommodate everyone. An exercise plan is highly recommended for you to have a fit body and a healthier lifestyle. Enroll with the North Harrow gym and together we will achieve greatness.

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