Decline dumbbell curl for huge biceps.

Decline Dumbbell Personal Trainer

Decline Dumbbell Personal Trainer 3

Decline Dumbbell Personal Trainer are also known as spider curls. When performing the exercise, one assumes a posture like that of a spider. Nicely built biceps is a vital feature for weight lifters as it helps in improving one’s firmness when performing the bench press, squat, and deadlift strength training exercises. Bicep development always brings out a unique look in somebody’s figure. The decline dumbbell curl works the muscle called brachialis. For this fitness workout, you need two dumbbells and an inclined bench. 

How to do a Decline Dumbbell Personal Trainer

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Take hold of a pair of dumbbells and sit with your chest against the inclined bench pad. Set the bench angle to forty-five degrees and let your arms hang while holding the dumbbells.

Lift the dumbbells towards your shoulder while at the same time maintaining a locked elbow to keep them in position. Contract the biceps from the bottom and squeeze to control it in the way down and up. 

Spider Curl Exercise Tips

It is easy to get Decline Dumbbell Personal Trainer exercise wrong, especially without the assistance of a gym instructor. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when performing the fitness workout:

  • Set the bench to a sensible angle. Forty-five degrees is the standard angle, but you can slightly adjust it to fit your preference.
  • Using too much weight on the dumbbells is wrong because it will lead to flaring of the elbow.
  • Control the motion when performing the fitness workout. Momentum should not take charge. 
  • Squeeze the bicep once the dumbbell is up and hold for about five seconds. It will boost the contractions in the forearm section.
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Decline Dumbbell Personal Trainer

Benefits of the Spider Curl

  • It helps you build strong and broader arms to the size you desire. This fitness workout has more effect than the regular dumbbell curl workout. 
  • Boosts the physique appearance 

For beginners, try and use lighter weights for safety purposes. Too much weight can cause injury in the nerves, and we don’t want that to happen. Alternatively, you can substitute this fitness workout with the incline dumbbell curl, hammer curl, and standard dumbbell curl.

If you keep in mind all these tips, you will develop those bicep curls within no time. A certified personal trainer will also guide you towards achieving these goals. Join my fitness program at the North Harrow Gym, and I will be glad to work with you as your fitness instructor. There is no shame in seeking help to do this fitness workout. After all, what good will it be if you do the fitness workout and see no results at the end of the day?


The Gym North Harrow is the place to be if you want the best Decline Dumbbell Personal Trainer services in Harrow. With all the equipment required for a decline dumbbell curl and a good exercise plan, you will get your sleeves bursting in no time. Remember to keep in the tips in mind and whenever you forget, as for me for assistance. The fitness program at the North Harrow Gym is a reliable one with affordable packages that will suit your schedule. Work with me, and together, we will achieve your goals.

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