Fitness Workout Chin Up

Build your biceps with the chin-up strength training exercise.

Chin up fitness workout should be in your to do list workout. If you are looking for an elementary strength training exercise to develop your upper body, the chin-up fitness workout is the best for you. The fitness exercises earned its name from the up and down movement involving the chin. To perform the strength training exercise, you need a bar from which you can hang and pull your chip up over the bar. Chin-ups have been compared to pull-ups before, but the two have a difference. These two strength training exercises are some of the best because they work most, if not, all muscles in the body. If you want to build and improve your strength, chin-ups are the way to go. The fitness workout works on the lats, rhomboids, and teres muscles through shoulder adduction. 

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Why is chin-up such great Fitness Workout?

  1. Just like Pull-ups, chin-ups target more muscles in the body. The more muscles worked on, the better it is for you. Chin-ups also provide a powerful overloading stimulus.  Many people think of the fitness workout as a bodyweight-only exercise. Incrementally adding external load to the pull up will strengthen all of the pull-up muscles and lead to their growth throughout a progressive overload.
  2. The strength training exercise is better at targeting the biceps due to the use of a supinated grip (underhand). 
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How to do a chin-up for strong biceps

  • From a dead hang position, initiate the upward motion by depressing your shoulder blades.
  • Raise your chest to point towards the bar. Pull your elbows down and in until they are as close to your sides as possible. Get your chin over the bar. Keep your legs straight and not bent.
  • Do this repeatedly.
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Common mistakes


  • Inadequate range of motion. It is where trainees cut the range of motion short on both ends.
  • Lack of full-body rigidity. Do not allow your torso and legs to become wax as reps start to get hard, which is cheating in momentum.
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What is the difference between Chin-ups and pull-ups? 

The two strength training exercises are more similar than different. The only difference is that for pull-ups, you pronate (overhand), while for chin-up, you use the supinated (underhand) grip. They both work the same muscles, even though at discrete capabilities. 


For more information on how to do this fitness workout in the right way, please contact me. A fitness instructor’s guidance is something that we all need when we are beginning our fitness program journey. After all, one can never be too careful. Even at the gym, you need someone to keep an eye on you and give you motivation. That someone is me, your personal trainer for the fitness program. The chin-up strength training exercise seems like something simple to do, but again, it is easy to do it wrong too. Do not waste your energy and time doing the wrong thing. Seek guidance from a certified fitness instructor

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