Flat Bench Dumbbell

FlatBench Dumbbell Personal Trainer

FlatBench Dumbbell Personal Trainer

FlatBench Dumbbell Personal Trainer is an incredibly important for chest workout journey in Fitness program, especially workout enthusiasts, especially those who have fitness goals and enthusiasm. My love for fitness workout has been alive for an exceptionally long time. I have been religiously learning and researching extensively on the world of lifting and strength. My dream is to assist those who want to pursue fitness workout with my extensive knowledge and reliable techniques. I am the perfect gym instructor to help you professionally throughout your fitness workout.

If you are interested in chest workouts, I highly recommend the flat bench dumbbell press for building a more muscular and bigger chest. Many workout enthusiasts worldwide are sure to have the flat bench dumbbell press in their fitness workout. I recommend this equipment because it works the deltoids and triceps, especially the front heads, builds massive pectorals, and one side can not make up for the other, like the barbell bench press. All these benefits will ensure you have increased power and strength and that your abs, shoulders, and triceps will be heavily built.

How to do FlatBench Dumbbell with a Personal Trainer

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I will take you through the use of the equipment. You will start by lying on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand in an overhand grip. Begin by holding the dumbbells a bit wider than the shoulder-width apart above your shoulders, with your palms facing forward. At a slow pace, bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle with your upper arms parallel to the ground. Shove the weights up by straightening your arms. As you push the weight upwards, arc your arms as you move to guide the dumbbells simultaneously until they meet over the center of your chest and hold for a count of one. Proceed to lower the dumbbells by slowly moving your elbows back to 90 degrees. Carry on with lowering your arms until they are a bit lower than parallel to the floor. Repeat this whole process for a specific time. 

Confidently, the FlatBench Dumbbell Personal Trainer Harrow press will significantly develop and strengthen the upper body and muscle mass essential for most strength, fitness, and power. Moreover, there is room for increased lengthening of muscle fibers and joint capsule as you press, enhancing shoulder strength and length and increased chest muscle injury resilience. Additionally, the flat bench dumbbell press helps individuals improve a more in-depth and extensive understanding of how to stabilize and strengthen the upper back during motion, enhancing your fitness workouts.


As your gym instructor, I have good fitness workouts in my fitness program to ensure that you reach all your personal fitness workout goals. As your dedicated gym instructor, I will be with you in this challenging journey and ensure that you never give up, and instead, you rise above all challenges and emerge with the strength and body you have in mind. Be sure to pass by the Gym North Harrow and have me as your gym instructor to achieve your fitness workout goals, especially with the renowned flat bench dumbbell press.

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