Gym North Harrow


Gym North Harrow has professional personal trainer in fitness work out and strength exercises. It provides numerous packages and sessions that best fit your exercise plan. 

North Harrow Gym Fitness Background cover



Barbell Workout with a Personal Trainer
  1. Bent-Over Row Barbell.
  2. Bent-Over Biceps Barbell
  3. Overhead Shoulder Barbell
  4. Low-Incline Barbell

At Gym North Harrow, our Gym Instructor will guide you emphatically in using all Barbell accordingly. Achieve the best body fitness, strength and shape through our exercise plan and fitness program.

Weights & Bars

Weights and Bars Gym Workout Plan
  1. Single-Arm T-Bar
  2. Chest Dips Bar
  3. Military Press Bar
  4. Underhand Seated Row Bar

Weights and Bars need professional guidelines. Gym North Harrow, has a professional gym instructor for both exercise plan and fitness program. Build the strength of your body and the shape too at our gym.


Chin up in the North Harrow gym

Girls will definitely notice you either from the looks or the body muscles. Build the biceps and achieve strong and muscular arms. Steal all the attention after working out in Sunilpt Fitness. Our gym instructors are friendly with a personal touch to every client.

Front Raise

Front raise gym workout harrow

Front Raise workout needs a gym instructor in order to be effectual. Our well furnished Gym aims at personal training for both fitness programs and exercise plans. If done right, you will achieve built shoulders, upper body weight and strength.


Cable raise in Gym North Harrow

Our personal gym instructors will get all girls chasing at you. Their fitness program and exercise plan certainly gets you results. Cables workout build the arms muscles to be strong and muscular. Our gym instructor looks professional training with an expertise touch.

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