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Increase the size of your arms with the Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl Personal Trainer fitness workout develops the frequently ignored brachial muscles. A lot of people spend lots of hours in the gym and still won’t get curled biceps. Maybe this is because they have never tried the Hammer Curl Personal Trainer fitness workout. The brachial muscles are responsible for the bulge in the biceps, and for everyone who knows this secret, hammer curls are always part of their exercise plan. Are you looking for a gym with a personal trainer near you? The North Harrow Gym is open and available for you to use. As your gym instructor, I will direct you in the right way and motivate you to achieve your goals. At the gym in North Harrow, all the customers get what they aimed for, however long it may take.

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There are different variations to this fitness workout. You can do the arms at the same time, or one after the other. I like the one at a time technique because you can focus on it. Now, as opposed to a regular curl, you are not going to rotate your twist up to the sky. With the hammer curl personal trainer fitness workout, you are focusing more on the width of your biceps in your forearm.

To do this, you will start as the regular dumbbells curls fitness workout with the hands at your side and a good base. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart with your knees loose. As you lift your arm, you can go straight up, or you can come across your body. Make sure you control the movement, do not do it hastily. It is very crucial to get the bicep squeezed for about two seconds. Throwing the weights is a mistake because it will not help you build any bicep muscle. Breathing is also very crucial during this exercise. As you move the arm up, breathe out, squeeze release, and then breathe in.


As you conduct this fitness workout, remember that zero mind-muscle connection will result in your inability to flex, squeeze, rip, and tear your muscles for growth. It is a mistake to swing too much weight because you will have no control. It could even lead to injury in the long run. Always grip the dumbbell tight, and keep the triceps flexed for the full extension at the bottom of the movement.

Another common mistake is gripping the dumbbell in the middle of the handle. Doing this will force you to use too much energy on the grip strength when you should be focusing on the curl weight up. Instead, grab the dumbbell handle as high as you can so that the dumbbell can rest on your arm. It will allow you to handle heavier weights and will still benefit from holding the dumbbell to increase your grip strength and train your forearms.

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You can only learn how to do hammer curl personal trainer fitness workout exercise for the forearm if you visit the North Harrow Gym. Meet the best personal trainer in Harrow and get the best weight training guidance. 

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