Personal Trainer Harrow Gym

Personal Trainer Harrow at Sunil qualified in 2019.  He qualified a level 2 fitness instructor. Besides that, as a level 3 personal trainer. He is now an expert in the following fields:-.


The Personal Trainer Harrow

Whilst Sunil trained at various different gyms he grew/developed a keen interest in how personal trainers engage with their clients to have a positive impact on their lives and lifestyle choices. He was even more so impressed by the ability of one person being able to make a difference to someone’s health and fitness. Seeing this first hand, it inspired him to pursue his interest into the fitness industry further.

Sunil embarked on a course for personal training, which, admittedly was a big step for him as it diverted Sunil from his day to day job, which was totally unrelated to the world of fitness.

With the knowledge and skills Sunil picked up after qualifying as a personal trainer, he plunged at the chance to help potential clients realise the importance of being healthy, and showed them that they do have what it takes to lead an active lifestyle. Today, Sunil has had many of his potential clients become his actual clients, who renew training sessions with him regularly, be this in the gym or outdoors.

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