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Personal Trainers harrow Hip Thruster

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The Personal Trainers Harrow Hip Thruster is one of the basic glute exercises that you are avoiding in your exercise plan. The hip thruster involves the use of most of your muscle fibers, hence, should be included in your fitness program since the hip thruster is a new glute exercise in your fitness workout; as your gym instructor, I would recommend beginning the glute bridge variation before advancing to the actual hip thruster. This will help your low back not take over during the actual exercise.

At Gym North Harrow, our fitness program ensures that the Hip Thruster fitness workout focuses on squeezing your glute and fully extending your hips while preventing the hyperextension of your lower back. Therefore, North Harrow Gym’s hip thruster fitness workout avails the hip thruster and its variations. 

Personal Trainers Harrow Hip Thruster – Sunil Fitness Gym North Harrow, I will avail of the suitable instructions on how to perform the hip thruster. Our fitness program begins with the bilateral off Personal Trainer harrow Hip Thruster. This variation is essential in strengthening your glutes, especially when you do not have any weights in your exercise plan.

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Personal Trainer harrow Bilateral-off Hip Thruster

 To perform the bilateral off hip thruster, the North Harrow Gym personal trainers avails the following steps.

  1. Place a box and a bench in close proximity. This is to allow your back to lay on the bench and let you place your feet on the box.
  2. Ensure you bend your knees at approximately 90 degrees.
  3. Use your heels and upper back to apply force to your hips and squeeze your glutes.
  4. Ensure you do not drive yourself backward over the bench.
  5. Remember to keep your knees in line with your hips and ankles.
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Personal Trainer Unilateral Hip Thruster

The best way to advance after the first variation is to incorporate the unilateral off box hip thruster in the exercise plan. My personal training program provides the following steps. First, place your heels on a box and position your upper back on a bench. Afterward, raise one of your heels off the box, then drive the heel on the box through. Bend the raised leg and ensure you do not swing the leg to help you lift. Squeeze your glutes and ensure that you keep your core tight while extending your hips. Do this for a few rounds before switching.

Barbell Hip Thruster

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The last hip thruster variation that I would recommend as your gym instructor into your hip thruster fitness workout is the barbell hip thruster. This last bit of the exercise plan involves the use of weights in working your glutes. To do it step by step, you should:

  1. Sit on a flat surface, preferably on the floor.
  2. Place your barbell across your hips.
  3. Place your shoulder blades against a step or a bench
  4. While your chin is tucked in, use your hips to lift your bosom off the floor.
  5. Clench your bosom and ensure your knees, hips, and shoulders are in a straight line.
  6. Then go back down on the floor slowly and carefully.

Why wouldn’t you have me as your gym instructor and ensure that you get the most out of the Hip Thruster fitness workout?

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