Physical Exercise


Exercise plan and Fitness Program are the core backbone of North Harrow Gym success. Our gym instructor who amounts to a personal trainer and weight trainer, advocates heavily on exercise plans and fitness programs. If you have no plan, any plan will work for you. Hence, results achieved will not be consistent to what you aspired. 

Our gym instructor is highly qualified, an expert in this field.To build a body admirable and envied by many, North Harrow Gym instructor should be your personal trainer. Build strong an d muscular body hard to ignore or fail to notice. Visit Exercise Plan – Physical Development | Sunil Fitness Gym North Harrow and get fit.

The close grip bench press is a strength training upper body fitness workoutthat works the triceps muscles. Other beneficiaries of the exercise are the chest and shoulders. The close grip bench press is pretty simple and is a variation of the bench press. People use this movement to train, overload, and strengthen the triceps especially when wanting to work with the pressing mechanics that come along with the bench press.

The hip thruster is one of the basic glute exercises that you are avoiding in your exercise plan. The hip thruster involves the use of most of your muscle fibers, hence, should be included in your fitness program since the hip thruster is a new glute exercise in your fitness workout; as your gym instructor, I would recommend beginning the glute bridge variation before advancing to the actual hip thruster. This will help your low back not take over during the actual exercise.

Do you want to be healthy, fit, and also look good? The gym in North Harrow offers you an amazing fitness program that you don’t want to miss. The goblet squat is one of the best strength training exercises that are included in our fitness program. It is a lower body workout that helps increase the strength of your legs. Learn how to do this strength training exercise with the help of a well-trained gym instructor. 

The 10 single leg curl is a typical lower body weight lifting and strength training exercise that mainly focuses on the hamstring in the thighs. The strength training exercise is essential mainly as it helps to build muscle in the thighs thus strengthening the lower part of the body. Among many things, the strength of the lower body affects your posture, movement and even the ability to carry out day-to-day activities. The fitness workout is usually done using gym equipment but you can also get creative and do it at home.

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