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Standing Dumbbell Personal Trainer is your highway to great biceps. Having great biceps has always been something that most people admire. If you are trying to get those curls for the girls, bicep development is the way to go for you. The standing dumbbell curl fitness workout will give you that perfect curl, but only if you do it right. At the North Harrow gym, you will get a Standing Dumbbell Personal Trainer who is dedicated to teaching you better ways to train your body into the version you want.

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Standing Dumbbell curl for biceps development with Personal Trainer

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Posture is crucial when it comes to doing this fitness workout. When you do a standing dumbbell curl, the main function is flexion at the elbow. Any other movement in the rest of the body is unnecessary and will take away work from the bicep, and other muscles will take over. To solve this problem, take the shoulders in a retracted position by pulling the shoulder blades back. The range of motion is also something to consider when doing the fitness workout. One of the most common mistakes that people commit is either shortening the range of motion or going too far when doing a curl. Also, do not lock the joints up unless you are good at keeping tension in the muscle. 

The standing dumbbell curl fitness workout for biceps development is an exercise that can be done even from your home. All you require for the strength training exercises is a dumbbell for each hand, and you will be set. It is one of the simplest fitness workouts to fit in your exercise plan. Just like any other exercise, do not use too much weight, especially if you are a beginner. Always start with something light and progress as you proceed with your weight training. 

Standing Dumbbell Recommendation

If you follow the instructions of a fitness trainer, you will get your biceps popping within no time. Usually, this fitness workout does not require a lot of guidance from a personal trainer. But on the other hand, it is always good to seek advice from a professional in the field. Do not do what you see other people in the North Harrow gym doing. Consult me, and I will guide you. There is no shame in getting guidance. If you are at home and you need my help to do the fitness workout, I’m always a call away. Even if I will not make it to your home gym physically, we will have a virtual session and practice just like a physical session. 

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At the North Harrow gym, you will always get the best fitness program services. The gym has a certified gym instructor who will guide you throughout the whole process. Depending on the service package you choose, you could get the Standing Dumbbell Personal Trainer’s assistance every day, once a week, or even once a month. Work with me as your fitness instructor, and together we will achieve your targets. You can never leave North Harrow gym the same way you came in. There will always be a difference. Getting what you aimed for is my greatest desire, and nothing will make me happier than to see you gain confidence with your body. Join the fitness program and train those biceps today. 

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