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Standing Overhead Cable in Strengthening Your Triceps

Are you interested in working, building, and maintaining your arm muscles, most especially the triceps? The Standing-Overhead-Cable Personal Trainer London is an excellent strength training exercise that targets the triceps muscles by breaching behind your neck and building bigger and stronger arms. As your personal trainer, I will take you through my fitness program, including the standing overhead cable equipment. I will professionally guide you step by step on how to use it efficiently. You will start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, ensuring your back is straight, and your abs are tightly drawn in. Go ahead and grab and hold on the rope over your head since this will be your commencing position. At a slow pace, lower the rope attachment in an arc movement behind your head, feeling a stretch and isolating your triceps muscles. Pause in this position for a count, then raise the rope back up to the start at a slow pace. Go on with this strength training exercise for as many reps and sets you want.

Standing-Overhead-Cable Personal Trainer London Triceps Fitness

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Standing-Overhead-Cable Personal Trainer London strength training exercise in your fitness program, you can develop and strengthen your triceps, which play a significant and essential role in your overall upper body strength. Therefore, if you are significantly interested in enhancing, developing, and building serious power in your upper arms, then book a session with me as your personal trainer in the Gym North Harrow. With this strength training exercise, you are sure to experience Standing-Overhead-Cable Personal Trainer London benefits. They include strength gains that significantly improve your upper body strength. Secondly, there is minimal stress on the wrists, which reduces wrist pain and discomfort. Lastly, there is improved posture since with this strength training exercise. Your core muscles are engaged, thus supporting your spine and back. Therefore, this strength training exercise enables you to have proper posture, an engaged core, a straight back, and much-lifted shoulders.

Common Standing Overhead Cable Mistakes

I am an exceptionally excellent and attentive personal trainer in the Gym North Harrow, and that is why I will ensure that you will avoid the common Standing-Overhead-Cable without Personal Trainer London mistakes that many do, and they include

  • They are arching the lower back. Many weightlifters are prone to arching their lower back, especially when completing the strength training exercise. This mistake exerts significant stress on the spine, causing injury.
  • Improper range of movement. You have to complete a full rep when your forearms come into contact with your biceps on your way downwards.
  • Elbows drifting outwards is a common mistake that exerts unnecessary stress on the shoulders and removes tension from the triceps. I will ensure that you position your elbows to achieve the most benefits from this captivating strength training exercise.
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Why would you not want to have me as your Standing-Overhead-Cable Personal Trainer London to ensure everything is perfect and that you get the most out of my fitness program? What is holding you back from booking an engagement session with me as your professional personal trainer in the Gym North Harrow? Confidently, you will reap the most benefits out of this fitness program!

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