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The Bench Dip Strength Training Exercises

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Are you targeting to get more muscular and powerful arms? Well,The Bench Dip Strength Training Exercises are the best option for this solution. Although this strength training exercises mainly targets the triceps, it also works your chest and anterior deltoid and the shoulder’s front part. Therefore, there will be significant strength in your muscles in your chest, shoulders, and triceps. An exciting aspect of this strength training exercise is that bench dips are a versatile exercise you can add to your fitness program because they are easy to scale. If you want to take off some pressure or take on more of a challenge, you can adjust the bench dips to your liking. A bonus about this strength training exercise is that you do not need any more equipment, just an elevated surface, like a step, stair, or a bench, thus the name bench dip.

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In Gym North Harrow, I am an excellent and professional personal trainer who will take you through the bench dip in your fitness program. You will begin by sitting down on a bench, with your hands next to your thighs. Then walk your feet out, stretch your legs, lift your bottom off the bench, and hold that position with extended arms. Hinging at the elbows, lower your body downwards as much as possible or until your arms make a 90-degree angle. Proceed to push up through your palms back to the starting position. As your personal trainer, I will encourage you to shoot for three sets of 10 to 12 reps, and if it is a bit hard for you, attempt bending your knees and walking your feet adjacent to your body to perform the dip.

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Strength Training Exercises Fitness program

In my fitness program, I will ensure you perform bench dips as an upper body strength training exercise to focus on your triceps and chest. Progressively, you will inch your feet out weekly, advancing to more advanced variations to challenge and push yourself. You do not have to stress or beat yourself up because of any injuries since, as your Personal Trainer Harrow, I will guide you professionally. When you perform bench dips incorrectly, it can lead to shoulder impingement or damage to the shoulder area and bones’ muscles. The gym north harrow has professional and reliable personal trainers who will ensure that these injuries will not occur.

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Typical Bench Dip Mistakes

As your personal trainer, I will make sure that most typical mistakes will not occur as you go on with your fitness program. They include

  • Not going low enough, which will not fully engage the triceps, ripping the benefits of the strength training exercise.
  • Flaring the elbows, which directs the tension from the triceps to the shoulders, causing injury.
  • Going too low, causing too much pressure on the shoulder.
  • Moving too quickly, losing control for maximum benefits and results.
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Confidently, the strength training exercise will serve as an essential highlight of your fitness program since it will assist pump up your triceps and strengthen them. As your personal trainer, I will ensure that you do not develop hazardous and bad habits and mistakes that may negate you from reaching and unlocking your full fitness potential in your fitness program.

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