Underhand Seated Row

Underhand SeatedRow gym instructor

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Strong Biceps by Underhand seated row.

Underhand SeatedRow gym instructor fitness workout predominantly targets your lats, rhomboids, traps, rear delts, and most importantly, your biceps. There are a couple of different variations that are used in the gym. Speaking of the gym, have you heard about the North Harrow Gym? The North Harrow gym is fully equipped with all the essential equipment and a certified gym instructor and personal trainer. Once you join the fitness program, you will have a smooth and comfortable experience during your journey of fitness workout.

Underhand SeatedRow gym instructor fitness workout variations

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  • The close-grip variation.

Make sure you grab one of the handles to close the rip handle, set it up, put your feet even on the platform, knees slightly bent. Grab the handle and make sure your back is straight the entire time. Keep your elbows slightly bent, the chest is out, and the shoulder blades are back and down. As you pull the weight back, drive back with your elbows to a 90-degree angle, and focus on squeeze your shoulder blades.

  • The wide grip variation.

The wide grip targets your biceps and the middle range of your back. Focus on bringing the bar towards your belly button. Just like the close grip, keep the shoulder blades squeezed, elbows slightly bent, chest out, and knees slightly bent.

Underhand SeatedRow gym instructor 2

Are you planning to start a healthy exercise plan that has the Underhand SeatedRow gym instructor fitness workout included? The North Harrow gym has excellent exercise plans from which you can benefit. As a certified personal trainer and gym instructor in the North Harrow Gym, I will provide excellent lessons regarding the underhand seated row and ensure you do it right. For beginners, I recommend you start with lighter weights. Do not overload the machine thinking that it will serve you better. Overloading will lead to instability and not focusing on the right muscles. Always consult a gym instructor before starting a new exercise plan or a fitness workout. It is important to do it the right way. 

For thick, healthy arms, incorporate this fitness workout into your exercise plan. It will benefit both your forearms, chest, and shoulders. Those sleeve bursting arms will pop up sooner than you know it. For more information about the underhand seated row, contact me. I will guide you on the dos and don’t of the workout, and even the safety measures you should keep in mind. All the equipment in the North Harrow Gym is well maintained and safe for use. Your safety as a member of our fitness program is more important than anything. 


The doors of the North Harrow Gym are open for you. Decide to join the fitness program together with many other people. If you would like a private session with the fitness instructor, you will get one, and if you prefer working as a group, I will get you a fitness group. An exercise plan is necessary for you to have a fit body, and at the Gym North Harrow, there are various exercise plans to choose from. Join the fitness team in the North Harrow Gym, and together we will achieve your targets and goals. 

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